Dear Prospective Patient:

Many professional associates and friends have told me that, although Seattle has many conventional psychiatrists, and also both conventional and alternative general health care providers, there is a need for a holistically-oriented psychiatrist. Because of my conventional training in psychiatry and my long-standing interest in nutrition and other aspects of holistic medicine, these friends have urged me to open a private practice in order to help fill this need.

Accordingly I have decided to open a very limited, part-time, office-based consultative psychiatric practice. I am writing this in order to explain what you may expect should you decide to employ my professional services, since I am structuring my practice in a manner different from the practices of other psychiatrists with whom you may have worked in the past.

I emphasize the word “consultative” because I am not in a position to become your primary health care provider, or even sole mental health care provider. I will be available only during office hours, will not be taking call, and, at least in the beginning, my office hours generally will be limited to a couple half-days a week. Therefore I am accepting patients by referral only and require that the referring physician be co-responsible for your mental health care and be willing to handle emergencies and urgent problems that cannot wait until I am available. Although I may, as a courtesy to your regular physician, write your psychiatric prescriptions, my role is to serve as a consultant, providing you and him with my professional treatment recommendations.

At least in the beginning, in order to keep costs down, I am subletting office space from another physician and am operating my practice without any employees of my own. More specifically, I do not have a billing department and hence will require payment (in cash or by credit card) at the time of service. I will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, but you need to be aware of the fact that if you receive reimbursement, it is likely to be only partial and at the “out of network” rate. Furthermore, many insurance companies limit coverage for so-called “alternative medicine.” Your reimbursement, if any, depends on the contract that you signed with your insurance company, and you will be responsible for all negotiations with them.

Finally, because of onerous government rules, regulations, and restrictions, I cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid (DSHS coupon) patients.

If these limitations are acceptable to you and you would like to avail yourself of my services, please request my Intake Packet. This will provide you with additional information, intake forms, and my fee schedule.

Yours in health,

Eric Schendel, M.D.
13346 First Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98125
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Phone: (206) 361-2602
Fax: (206) 361-2605

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